Friday, April 1, 2011

Chiranjeevi stunt- Sliding horse

We've seen and read those lists of Rajinikanth defying gravity and those stunts of Sultan Rahi and even Mithun-da but Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi stunt amazes and challenges the "norms of stupidity" and if there was a worse than Razzie award- I would vote for this one.
How could they stand this one.
I would set fire to my screen after watching this one!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

First Rafts, now a Jetski

What's not easily avaliable in Sharjah:
No deliveries of Fresh milk,
No Bread & Khubus in small groceries
No water bottles.
Garbage not emptied by the muncipality

Ok, if yesterday's Raft wasn't enough here is some more pics of a Jetski in a Residential buildings car park !

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

No one enjoys the Rains like Sharjah

No one enjoys the rains like Sharjah residents.

First picture shows this dude rafting in a residential complex, he went onto the road near Sharjah City Center, paddled around for some 1.5 hours or so around the neighbourhood.

Second picture: As you can see, it was so diffcult to cross from one side to the other, the foothpaths are under water and cars could barely see.
Saloon cars rarely came this side as water was as high as the door handles, some 4 Wheelers had the guts to try to pass through, and as the picture shows 3 of them broke down.

And a special mention to Robinson Crusoe who found a door sized Thermcol sheet and a stick. As a large pickup passed by the waves were so strong it overturned him, from under the water he yelled "Yakhra baitak" (May your house be destroyed)

Well luckily the schools are off for Wed & Thu.

This is the highest recorded rainfall in the UAE, no matter what- we enjoyed every bit of it.

Rain Rain go away....
come again another day....
Robinson Crusoe wants to play...

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Roly Poly Pot

An idea that will receive praise from people with Green thumbs, I for one thought it was a well-conceived simple and sensible idea unlike the plants that call you for water.

The "Roly-Poly Pot" is a concept by Samgmin Bae that begins to tilt over when its water is low, thus reminding you to fill up Each pot can be adjusted to work with the plant's watering needs and schedule.

Band-aid skateboard

Band-aid skateboard- silly yet effective design by SPy.

CMYK's Clothes hanger

A new simple Hanger (more like a clothes dumper) by CMYK a Swedish design company. For those messy people who have clothes all around the house.

Drum Machine Ring

If I love anything it's the use of the most unusual common objects into the most common daily usage items.

The sterling silver model is already sold out, it was limited to 50 copies and is sold out. But the 14k Vermeil (gold-plated sterling-silver) version below is available for $235.